Gotta toughen up

Today I went with my sister to the trial gym Gold’s has thrown together in some rented space for the mean time while awaiting construction of their building to complete.

Despite that this is supposed to be a very basic temporary setup (in a tight space), it had way better equipment and more of it. Besides that, there were several huge guys working out around me. That reminded me I seriously have a long way to go in my weight training goals. So, no more taking it easy at the gym. Time to toughen up!

This past year has been a crazy one, leaving me sick, 10 lbs lighter, and totally worn out. I’m excited to make 2011 a much better year. Even if it means skipping some social events, fitness goals are going to get more priority!

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Final Fantasy IV

The Japanese is so much cooler in Final Fantasy IV–my favorite RPG ever. My guess is they ran out of space and had to cram the translations.
Now I am going to have to play the game all over again in Japanese.

(UPDATE: I played it for 30 minutes today. VERY interesting how much different the game is in Japanese… Signs in the shop talk about refreshing beer, Cecil has a “Dark” ability that lets him do massive damage by sacrificing his own health. Nintendo-USA screens what they feel is not appropriate for the US market, including more than half of the games in the FF series. I didn’t realize how much they were changing the games that actually went to market though.)

Here is the legend the Mysidian elder recites when Cecil becomes a Paladin:



(My translation)

One born from the mouth of a dragon
Soars high in the heavens
Wielding darkness and light,
And brings a renewed promise to the sleeping land

Encompassed by the unending light of the moon,
Bringing great blessings and love to Mother earth.

(Translation in US game)

One to be born from a dragon hoisting the light and the dark arises high up in
the sky to the still land. Veiling the moon with the light of eternity it
brings another promise to mother earth with a bounty and mercy

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Food for thought

Wilbur Wright wrote:

“It was not my intention to advocate dishonesty in argument nor a bad spirit in a controversy. No truth is without some mixture of error, and no error so false but that it possesses some elements of truth. If a man is in too big a hurry to give up an error he is liable to give up some truth with it, and in accepting the arguments of the other man he is sure to get some error with it. Honest argument is merely a process of mutually picking the beams and motes out of each other’s eyes so both can see clearly. Men become wise just as they become rich, more by what they save than by what they receive. After I get hold of a truth I hate to lose it again, and I like to sift all the truth out before I give up an error.”

I am determined to learn more about this famous American scientist and engineer.

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The iPhone 3Gs is a slippery little devil.

The other day I actually used my iPhone to make a phone call and while I have always been pleased with its slippery little body for putting into my pocket, I found it quite difficult to hold onto while talking. In particular, it was nearly impossible to hold with my shoulder. I wonder if the iPhone 4 with its sharper angles lends for a better grip.

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Changing Facebook privacy settings

In college, Facebook was a really fun new thing for me that helped me organize keeping in contact with my friends at school. It was fun that people could join in on conversations that took place among my little group of friends. Plus, being able to easily keep in contact with new people I met really helped me expand my group of friends.

Gradually, however, as practically everyone I know has joined Facebook and added me (or I them) as a friend, my Facebook friends have become an extremely diverse group of people. It has become a complicated issue that anyone can join in on any conversation. Also, given the amount of personal information that has been added to Facebook over the past several years, Facebook is potentially dangerous to use for keeping in touch with people I have just met.

While Facebook’s much needed revision of privacy settings have added much better content control, there is still no transparent, convenient way to select a specific group of people to share each piece of content with. These privacy control limitations make it infeasible to manage communications such that everyone that should be included is included and that everyone that should be excluded is excluded.

My compromise up until now was to err on the side of inclusion, in the spirit of openness which has defined our generation. However, as my group of friends has diversified in their relationships to me (e.g. family, former classmate, co-worker), their own personal backgrounds/values (e.g. generation, religion, country), I feel my goal for openness should be re-prioritized behind my goal to carefully manage each of my personal relationships. This means until Facebook offers more flexibility in its privacy control settings, I am setting virtually all content to “Self only”. As a result, my friends can still tag my photos, post on my wall, etc., but none of my other friends will be granted access to that content as a result of being my friend. Content made available by a mutual friend will of course still be available. In essence, this means I am no longer giving my friends access to all of my other friends. I think this should actually be the default setting as it probably makes the most sense for most users.

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Birthday wish

I’m not telling anyone my birthday wish or it might not come true. But I will post this unrelated link.

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Quick thought

Most weaknesses aren’t derived from inherent flaws but rather from a combination of positive attributes that combine in the wrong way for a particular application.

Except nose-picking. If you pick your nose, that just plain needs to stop.

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