organization -> better thinking

thinking is enjoyable, expands your ability to think

yet learning how to operate in a way that doesn’t require constant thinking is essential. if nothing else, it frees up your mind to think about more important things. in fact, however, through good organization, you can bury important information further down the brain stem. for example, use of a keyboard with the same letters allows you to think at a much higher level while carrying out what would for the untrained user be an extraordinarily thought-intensive task. hence the smartest people are not just those with raw thinking ability, but people with sufficient organization that allows them to rise above the details of the problem. i believe most of our education is akin to learning to identify keys on a keyboard. by finding the right patterns and placing them in the right place in our mind,  we advance up to higher levels useful conclusions in a context shared with others.

hence getting into a refined, organized, daily routine may be exactly what you need to free up your mind to allow you to concentrate on truly creative ideas.

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2 Responses to organization -> better thinking

  1. Yohei Kato says:

    Yes, I agree with your idea.
    “thinking is enjoyable, expands your ability to think” is really nice phrase.

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