Gotta toughen up

Today I went with my sister to the trial gym Gold’s has thrown together in some rented space for the mean time while awaiting construction of their building to complete.

Despite that this is supposed to be a very basic temporary setup (in a tight space), it had way better equipment and more of it. Besides that, there were several huge guys working out around me. That reminded me I seriously have a long way to go in my weight training goals. So, no more taking it easy at the gym. Time to toughen up!

This past year has been a crazy one, leaving me sick, 10 lbs lighter, and totally worn out. I’m excited to make 2011 a much better year. Even if it means skipping some social events, fitness goals are going to get more priority!

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2 Responses to Gotta toughen up

  1. Crystal says:

    You and me both. I started working with a trainer. Kicked my butt. I’ve been permanently sore for like a month. I haven’t really been out partying or drinking either. I lost 2 lbs since Christmas though and fit in my pre CU-Boulder jeans!!! And I can focus better in school and I sleep better at night. It’s worth it. Keep up the hard work! I love hearing about people wanting to be healthy and who make it a goal.

  2. That’s cool! I actually haven’t kept up with my workout too well this year–things have been insanely busy. But I plan on changing to a gym closer to my house next month and then I will hopefully really get into good shape!

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