Final Fantasy IV

The Japanese is so much cooler in Final Fantasy IV–my favorite RPG ever. My guess is they ran out of space and had to cram the translations.
Now I am going to have to play the game all over again in Japanese.

(UPDATE: I played it for 30 minutes today. VERY interesting how much different the game is in Japanese… Signs in the shop talk about refreshing beer, Cecil has a “Dark” ability that lets him do massive damage by sacrificing his own health. Nintendo-USA screens what they feel is not appropriate for the US market, including more than half of the games in the FF series. I didn’t realize how much they were changing the games that actually went to market though.)

Here is the legend the Mysidian elder recites when Cecil becomes a Paladin:



(My translation)

One born from the mouth of a dragon
Soars high in the heavens
Wielding darkness and light,
And brings a renewed promise to the sleeping land

Encompassed by the unending light of the moon,
Bringing great blessings and love to Mother earth.

(Translation in US game)

One to be born from a dragon hoisting the light and the dark arises high up in
the sky to the still land. Veiling the moon with the light of eternity it
brings another promise to mother earth with a bounty and mercy

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