The problem with subscriptions

I really enjoy reading the NY Times, the WSJ, the Economist, and some Japanese news sources. Yet the problem with subscribing to any of these is that any articles I gain access to would still be unavailable to the people I would want to share them with, unless of course my friends happen to have the same subscriptions. This is like cell phones and in-network calling, except there are dozens and dozens of news sources. How would you and your friends ever all agree on one?

Yet if I were allowed to subscribe in a way that let me share articles with my friends on Facebook (say there was a limit of the first five people who clicked the link), that would be worth something. Plus I would be promoting the subscription to my friends. Notice sharing free articles does not promote the subscription; it promotes a free news source.
These companies are looking to the iPad to save them, but it’s not the device that’s the problem. It’s the business model.
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2 Responses to The problem with subscriptions

  1. Anonymous says:

    The problem with subscriptions is that once you subscribe, they still continue to send you crap in the mail even 5 years after your subscription has run out to try to get you to subscribe again. But yeah, that's a good idea ryanCrystal

  2. Ryan says:

    very good point. thats why i have all my mail routed through my dad's house. he loves going through that stuff.

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