Caligraphy… well, not yet.

Here are my practice writings of different characters. The brush in my software isn’t perfect, but it is more fun than pencil (which is how I usually practice.) Examples are black, mine are blue. My writings are quite varied from the examples. Some of these variations are more acceptable than others, but the goal was really just to write exactly what they have there. BUT before you judge me, remember there are thousands of these buggers to learn! (Also remember what my English handwriting looks like… This was considerable effort! haha.) These are also the ones I tend to have trouble with (except the last one, which I did because it only made sense after doing “go home”, “house”, since I live in Kyobashi, which uses that character.) Don’t be too impressed either though because these are learned in elementary school. I will do some harder ones later… it hardly seems like there is a limit on how complex and intricate a single character can be. Many have well over twenty strokes.

Umi . Sea. (This one is hard for me.)

Kaeru. Return home.

Ie. House/home.

Miyako. Capital.

(This character appears everywhere around here because we are near Kyoto, the old capital of Japan. This character is also the “Kyo” in Kyoto.)
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