Visiting Los Angeles

This is a long post and it’s in Japanese. I’ll translate it later (or something):

Update: Here is the translation. I also corrected the Japanese (below).

Translation note: I tried to translate with the tone of what I wrote in Japanese. I think it comes back out quite a bit different from the way I write in English. What do you think?

Last Thursday I visited Los Angeles and stayed with one of my college friends, Matt. We had a great time. I have added photos to my photo album on Facebook.


The plane landed at LAX at 1:00 PM. The sun was shining and the weather was perfect. Since Matt was still on his way back from Arizona, I ended up waiting at the airport by myself for a little while. I was really hungry, so I looked for a place to eat. LAX is pretty confusing and I got a little lost looking for a restaurant. It turned out that they only even have restaurants at the International Terminal, so it turned out to be quite a walk. By that time I was totally starved, so I went to McDonald’s where I was sure I could get food right away. Eating at McDonald’s–which was my first job–brought back memories from high school. But the food wasn’t very good. That’s too bad because I really liked McDonald’s as a kid.

When Matt arrived, we piled into the car and drove to Matt’s apartment, which is in a beautiful city called Santa Monica. There were palm trees the whole way and I immediately got the feeling of being in California. Once we got to the apartment, we immediately set off again, this time for the beach. It was about a five-mile bike ride to the beach where we went for an eight-mile run along the beach shore. Matt also likes running, so it was a lot of fun. As we ran beside the shining ocean which reflected the setting sun, Matt and I talked quite a bit. It was fun to catch up.


In the morning Mat and I went running again. This time we ran four miles (about 7 km). After that we went rock climbing at a really beautiful park. It was great to see so much nature, full of trees, rocks, springs, and waterfalls. Of course, the pictures are better than this explanation.

The climbing courses were mostly geared toward beginners, so there were plenty of routes I could do. (In rock climbing, there is a scale that goes from beginner, 5.3 or so, to very advanced, such as 5.11.) We mostly did courses in the range of 5.8 to 5.9. Of the three courses I attempted, I was able to get to the top of two of them. I guess I have gotten a little better.

Matt, on the other hand, is a pretty advanced climber, so he was able to take care of the more difficult role of lead climbing. That allowed me to do the safer method called “top-roping.” (Lead climbing is a method where you climb to the top while attaching your rope to anchors as you go up. Once a lead climber gets to the top, the route is set for top-roping.)

In the evening, I went to dinner with some Japanese co-workers in the Los Angeles office. The seven of us had a pretty good time. We went to a Yakiniku/Izakaya where we stuffed ourselves with Japanese food. (A yakiniku is a place where they serve Japanese-style barbecue. An Izakaya is a Japanese-style bar/tavern.) We had a lot of different Japanese food such as edamame, Japanese meatballs, takoyaki (octopus dumplings), and Japanese-style barbecued chicken (yakiniku). The crab was my favorite.




飛行機は午後1時にLAX空港に到着。太陽もでていて、天気は完璧。マットがまだアリゾナ州から帰ってくる途中だったので、しばらく一人で待つこ とになっ た。お腹がとてもすいていたので、昼ごはんを食べるところを探し回った。LAX空港はちょっと解りづらくてレストランを探すのにちょっと迷った。国際線 ターミナルにしかレストランはないみたいだから、結局かなり遠くまで歩なければならなかった。その時にはもうお腹がペコペコだったので。初めてアルバイト をしたマクドナルドで、高校時代を懐かしく思い出しながらたべていた。しかし、ハンバーガーもポテトもあんまりおいしくなくて、健康によくないし、また食 べたい気持ちにならなかった。子供の頃はすごく好きだったのに。ちょっと残念。
マットがついたら、車に乗り込んで、マットのアパートがあるサンタ・モニカと言うきれいな町まで運転。やしの木がいっぱいで、すぐにカリフォル ニアにいると思えた。アパートに着いたらすぐ海へ出発。浜辺まで自転車に乗って5マイル(8キロ)走って、そして海岸線の道を8マイルぐらいランニングし た。マットもランニングが好きでとてもよかった。夕日が写るキラキラの海を見ながら、マットといろんな話をして、とても楽しかった。好きな子の話をいっぱ い聞いて、相談にのってあげた。^^ 僕は彼女もいないし、今好きな子も別にいないから、マットの方がしゃべっていたような気がする。でも、とても面白 かった。マットの兄弟が皆結婚しているので、できるだけはやく結婚したいと思っているところがなんとなくかわいらしくて、楽しかった。
帰ってきたら夕食は日本食もどきのレストラン「Curry House」で豚カツカレー。


朝からまた(友達の)マットとランニング。今回は4マイル(約7キロ)。その後ロッククライミングに出かけて、とてもきれいな公園に車で行った。 自然がいっぱいのところで、木や岩、泉、滝のたくさんある、とてもきれいなところ。この説明より写真のほうがわかりやすいと思う。

クライミングのコースはほとんど初心者程度のレベルで、ぼくでもできるようなルートが豊富。(ロッククライミングではスケールは初級の5.3から 上級の5.11まであるけど、主に5.8~5.9ぐらいのコースを登った。)トライした3つのコースの中で2つは問題なクリアできたので、ちょっとは成長 していると思えた。

マットが上級者で、難しいリードクライミングの役割をしてくれたので、トップロープという安全な方法でクライミングすることができた。(リードク ライミングというのはロープをアンカーにひとつずつ入れながら、登ること。頂上についたら、最後のアンカーにロープを入れる。その状態になったら、トップ ロープの形で登れる。)


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  1. Michael Rapp says:

    Ha! Google already translated it for me.

  2. Ryan says:

    yikes. google did not get that one right.

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