Why is the Internet (Google, Facebook) full of scam ads?

Has anyone else noticed the large portion of incredulous offers on Google Ads, Facebook, and other sites, such as offers for free Macbooks as well as ways to make thousands of dollars from home?

Many of these online advertising networks have a great deal of information about their users–I expect they can target ads better than almost any other advertising medium available. Yet, even given all of that targeting capability, why are they so often focused on promoting Internet scams? Is it really true that Internet scammers are willing to pay the most for their ads because they generate the greatest return of any Internet advertising dollar spent?

I think credit card companies also offer people a service which on the average does not benefit its consumers on the whole, and yet this industry generates huge revenues.

Why is our culture so dependent on these programs? Does the existence of these kinds of programs support a case for incorporating behavioral economics into policy decisions, by factoring in human beings’ limited rationality?

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One Response to Why is the Internet (Google, Facebook) full of scam ads?

  1. Michael Rapp says:

    No. Nothing would justify that.

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