Fun grammar fact of the day

I’ve mentiont to my friends before how I like condensing down words into less syllables to sound more powerful, e.g. Towel -> Towl; Darnet -> Darnt; Erik -> Erk.

Today I learnt that this acceptable grammar in some cases:

[Learnt and Learned] are alternative forms of the past tense and past participle of the verb learn. Learnt is more common in British English, and learned in American English. There are a number of verbs of this type (burn, dream, kneel, lean, leap, spell, spill, spoil etc.). They are all irregular verbs, and this is a part of their irregularity.

Writing the irregular ones out, they look like this:

burned, burnt
dreamed, dreamt
kneeled, knelt
leaned, leant
leaped, leapt
spelled, spelt
spilled, spilt
spoiled, spoilt

Of course, it is my goal to increase the number of verbs to which this rule can apply and make English more powerful-sounding. I appreciate everyone’s help in conscientiously using versions ending in “t” as often as possible. If you stumble across any really good new words which work well replacing “ed” with “t”, please leave a comment.

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