NoooOOOoooO00oooOOOooo! iPoOodo!

For someone who seriously worries they may not feel so happy on the day their first child is born as they did when they brought home and opened their forever-desired iPod, you can imagine the horror felt when it fell out of their pocket today and would not turn back on.

I AM SO SORRY!! plus i am a repeat offender. i somehow lost my first iPod in the abyss of the movie theater. if i let something so precious to me slip out of my pocket and go helplessly barreling toward the cement floor of my parking garage, i obviously have serious problems when it comes to taking care of things. in my defense, i have not been in the best state of mind. i have stayed up virtually the whole night for three nights this week trying to do whatever it is exactly i do at my merciless job. then again, maybe this is just another example of not taking care of something–myself. i hope my body is also still under warranty.

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One Response to NoooOOOoooO00oooOOOooo! iPoOodo!

  1. Lynda says:

    If I remember correctly you started with 9 lives I think you are on number 4 so be careful. Thats your warrantee on that body I gave you. so you better take better care of you than your things. But I thought those storywas cute and entertaining.

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