Grow faster, hair!

I had to add a comma to the title of this post because at first it looked like I was running an online pharmacy. I would hate to disappoint you guys.

This is the look I am going for:

I am definitely not there yet and the pressure from co-workers to cut my hair is increasing. I gotta hold out for it! I am sure once my hair gets long enough for this awesome style my co-workers and clients will have no choice but to accept this as a legitimate, bona fide hairstyle for the professional services industry.

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3 Responses to Grow faster, hair!

  1. lisapow says:

    Finally a post I can say something about! I like the hairstyle! Go for it!! Maybe you can get man-stentions (male extensions) 🙂 to see if it is a look you really want.

  2. Ryan says:

    haha i was thinking of you when i wrote this post lisa. man-stentions sound like a great idea, but i could never explain away how i grew instantly long hair and i could certainly never admit to getting man-stentions.i think am going to have to just wait it out.

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