Not that I expect much in a driver’s license photo, but holy crap this photo makes me look 40. I think tirelessly working and not sleeping has accelerated the aging process. I knew working like this made me feel 10 years older but still sort of surprised it has made me look it.
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  1. lisapow says:

    ha ha. you don’t look 40. If you were 40 you would be more likely to have gray hair or worse…no hair. But, you do look older than me…your 30 year old sister. ha ha. Just kidding. Not bad for a license picture!

  2. Ryan says:

    i will dye my hair!yeah it’s hard to see the detail in this picture of a picture, but trust me, i look extremely old in it. i will show you come thanksgiving.also, how am i supposed to keep up with you in terms of putting off aging when you have all those melaleuca products at your disposal?

  3. lisapow says:

    true true. I get all the vitamins and lotions I need to to keep me young :)Pretty soon I will look younger than you bro!

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