Everything feels in limbo right now because I’m leaving in 6 weeks. It reminds me of the last day in an area after a transfer call. It’s hard to do anything well. I have even met some cool girls but I lose all desire to pursue things when considering how entirely I dread long distance relationships. So, if anyone knows of any treatments for senioritis let me know because my senior is infected pretty badly.

On another note, I have to analyze some piece of literature which uses a lot of literary devices. Tracy (my teacher) included among her suggestions lyrics from a song. If anyone knows a song with lyrics which would be interesting to dissect, please inform. I am sure it will be but a few moments before my incredibly far-reaching readership stuffs this post full of comments too numerous to read, so respond quickly.

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  1. lisapow says:

    hmmm. I have lots of songs…go to my blog and go to my playlists at the bottom. There is always Flo Rider “low”…just kidding!!I know how you feel about being in LIMBO…I felt that way before we moved to IDAHO..Good luck..it is ok to cry

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