This week I splurged on a new Sony Vaio laptop with a blu-ray player. (I got a reasonable deal at CompUSA since they are liquidating their stores–$1360 with tax). So last night I picked up a copy of “Across the Universe” in blu-ray at Wal-mart for $25 and celebrated Valentine’s day in high definition. One thing I didn’t expect was a noticeable improvment in sound quality. Blu-ray sounds so much crisper than DVD. Maybe it would have been good to spend Valentine’s day with a girl–but then again, it really was nice to have some alone time with my beautiful computer.

I’m also happy to have gone with blu-ray over HD-DVD considering that the format war is basically over. Major chains including Bestbuy, Wal-mart, and Netflix have announced that they are going to focus on Blu-ray; most will drop HD-DVD entirely.

I have affectionately named my new computer Sony-Blu.

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  1. Really? Congrats! I told you that was an awesome movie 🙂

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