Mmm..Yum! Blizzard@Brighton!

Lisa, Scott and I all went snowboarding at Brighton yesterday and it was awesome. It was too bad that my friend Erik couldn’t come because he had to spend time with his family. Lucky for me, snowboarding is spending time with my family. I really love my awesome family that shares so many of my interests. It’s too bad Michael and Dad couldn’t make it–they would have loved the fresh blizzard.

The highlight for me was when, after some people in a chair lift above me were yelling at me to try a big jump, I totally cleared it and landed it beautifully. That was the first time I’ve ever landed a big jump like that. The people above were all cheering. It was an amazing feeling. Perhaps the second time in my life where people were genuinely cheering for me.

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  1. lisapow says:

    Yes. Your family is cool 🙂 thanks for your patience and helping me learn to board!

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