Back to the gym…. for the first time since my wrist has healed.

So all of my personal records are reset. It’s kind of fun after each exercise to say, “That’s the most … I’ve done since I broke my wrist!” I’m really surprised, but in just one week of working out doing exercises that require some wrist strength my wrist has made serious progress. I have been doing dips, bench press, military press, dumbbell flies, shrugs. Last week it really hurt to do the heavier weights, but this week I can feel the strength and limberness back in my wrist. In fact, today while I was driving I realized that I can reach over much further to the opposite side to do hand-over-hand turning. So, even though finals are extremely busy, I’m going to keep with a basic workout schedule. It’s also helpful for all the stress.

This is our schedule:
Monday: Triceps/Shoulders
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Chest (some triceps)
Thursday: Back (some triceps)
Friday: Biceps (some chest)
Sat/Sun: Rest.

We do mostly free weights with the exception of one or two machines. We also do exercises that work against your own weight which people without a gym membership can also do. I will post my daily exercises so by next week this time the list will be complete. My friends and I have been doing this schedule for a while and we’ve done our best to balance resting the right groups at the right times, since some groups are more easily worked together. The other thing we’ve figured out is the daily ordering the exercises according to the ratio of exhaustiveness to joint or grip trouble. For example, we do bench press before preacher curls and military press before shrugs. (Since preacher curls wear out your wrists, it’s better that your arms are more tired before starting them, so you don’t need to do as many before reaching your limit–same for shrugs when considering the amount your forearm can grip).

This week will be shorted because of finals, so we’re only doing about half of the exercises.

Exercise (Reps@WeightInLbs, …)

Monday (Yesterday):
Dips (17@+0, 15@+0, 12@+0)
Military (10@89, 5@99, 3@109)
Shrugs (8@100+100, 5@100+100, 3@100+100)

Tuesday: (Today)
Calf raises[machine] (15@88+?, 10@88+?, 10@88+?)
Squats (20@150, 20@170, 15@180)
Cool down run (1.25 miles)

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  1. lisapow says:

    Glad to see your back to the gym!!!

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