Today we had a mission reunion barbecue. Nobuyuki, an investigator I taught about 3 years ago, was visiting in Utah, so he came too. He just got baptized in May this year. It was so great to see him. It was also a blast to see President Bullock and some other mission friends. Coincidentally, Brother Sato from the Suginami ward was visiting. I could only vaguely remember him, but it was really fun getting to know him again. Apparently, he was an economics student at BYU some twenty years ago. We had a lot of experiences to share, and it was really fun. He gave me a lot of encouragement to do well in school and become a prominent member of society. I guess the church in Japan has been sponsoring seminars which feature some of very successful LDS members to improve their public image (like , the president of BYU-Idaho). He wanted me to become one of those people, so I could help the church in Japan. Impossible. I told him I’ll do my best to help perhaps in a very small way.

Nobuyuki, Me, Cynthia

Beh, Dickman, Nobuyuki, Me, President
Cynthia, Mabey
Brother Sato, Me
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