A better program exists which works with Windows Vista. It also pulls up an on-screen display (with AlbumArt) which helps you find the song you are looking for.



Controlling iTunes with global hotkeys:

This is my second remotelyuseful post. It is mostly for Michael who wanted iTunes support to be able to skip to the next song with the extra keys on his keyboard and Scott who wanted his remote to work with iTunes. (No pun intended with the ‘remotelyuseful’ tag and that this is a post about iTunes remoting.)

All you have to do is install and run a program I found called iTunesKeys, then assign each iTunes function to a hotkey by pressing the key when prompted to do so.

Screenshot (provided by mattberube.com):

It works pretty well, though it has a little slower response than the global hotkeys for WinAmp (This is not surprising when considering how slow to respond iTunes is at virtually everything.)

My setup is as follows:

Play/Stop: Special play/stop key on my keyboard.
Stop: Special stop key
Next: Special next key
Previous: Special previous key
Vol up: Ctrl+Shift+Up
Vol down: Ctrl+Shift+Down
Rate 0 star: WindowsKey+`
Rate 1 star: WindowsKey+1

Rate 5 stars: WindowsKey+5
Toggle Shuffle: WindowsKey+S
Show song info: WindowsKey+A

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