Look at this cool stuff I’ve downloaded–and it’s all free!

This will be the first remotely useful blog entry I have posted.

Just to get your mouth watering, here is a screenshot of my desktop:

Ok, so why does my desktop look so much cooler than yours?

Just three things, really:

  1. The background image. This is my favorite photo, found on yunphoto.net. This is the site of a Japanese lady who has traveled the world and taken pictures with ultra high resolution with expensive Japanese (Canon) digital cameras. Her photos are perfect for all kinds of things and she doesn’t mind you using them (just asks that you credit her when using them publicly… which I am doing, like right now, hereby, in this very statement.) I chose Otaru canal evening landscape.
  2. Google Desktop. If you haven’t put this on your computer by now, you are really missing out. It’s come a long ways since it’s first version which allowed you to conveniently search anything you would like to find on your computer–now it offers a sidebar with dozens of installable “gadgets” that do everything from display favorite photos to control WinAmp.
  3. MacOSX Themed Desktop. Alright, I like PCs too, but there is no denying the superior visual appeal of Apple products. This is really not as difficult to do as it might seem–and it won’t slow down your computer. There are really only three steps: 1) Download and run a patch which lets you use non-Microsoft themes. 2) Restart your computer. 3) Download a theme and double-click on it to apply. The theme in my screen shot is Smooth Stripes 4.1, and I use the 2px version.
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