through the storm my eyes discern
a resting place for which i yearn

and with great courage i pass through
the vessel-piercing rapids guarding you

into your paradise of golden sands,
flowing springs, and luscious green lands

with euphoric bliss i am dumbfounded amazed
at the once hidden treasure now in my gaze

but stupid unaware, the river pushes me down,
away from the beauty which i have found

it has no ears to hear my plea
nor brakes to stop its flow to the sea

regardless i cry, “river, let me stay
in her soft arms for just one more day,

catch my breath, rest my oars
and warm my cold tired body upon her shores

send me not yet to the waterfall ahead
–i just conquered the rapids and my strength is dead”

taking one last glance i wave goodbye
with trembling hands as the falls draw nigh.

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