This weekend I returned to Minnesota to visit Scott who just returned from his mission to Honduras. It was wonderful to hear his experiences as we reminisced our missions together, showing each other the places we served using Google Earth. While there were a lot of things we found in common–despite the obvious differences between Japan and Honduras–I was quite surprised at how different our missions seemed to be. I somehow expected Scott to gain the same things I felt I had gained on my mission and face the same challenges coming back, etc. No, I don’t think so. I think Scott has returned with a clear ideas and and bright hopes for his future and will re-adapt much easier and faster. Me, I only ever wanted to serve a mission, had almost no idea what I wanted to do when I got home, and struggled to find something fulfilling to which I could again dedicate myself. One of the missionaries I served with, Hiroko, wrote on the back of her name card, 「ラップ長老も希望を持って、新しい目標を見つけて、前進してください。」 ”Elder Rapp, please have hope, find a new goal, and move forwards toward it.” Perhaps I am still looking for that goal as my life continues to feel somewhat disconnected, trivial, and unimportant. I am impressed with Scott’s forward-looking determination.

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  1. Scott says:

    Thanks, Ryan for all the positive things you said about me. It was nice to have you for a visit when I got back from my mission.

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