Carb Stock and Wind-down For the Big Race

With just 10 days 14 hours to go, my training is on the downhill.

Today I ran 5 miles (with Maurine) and worked out with some new friends from the ward at the gym. We lifted, working on chest and tricepts. I learned a ton of new exercises and had a lot of fun.

  • Tuesday: Rested
  • Wednesday: Lots of walking
  • Thursday: Ran 8 miles
  • Friday: Rested
  • Saturday: Rested (for fast sunday)
  • Sunday: Rested
  • Monday: Rested
  • Tuesday: Ran 5 miles.

I ended up doing more resting than I wanted to, but after Thursday’s run, the blister on my foot was looking really bad. Also, I’ve gotten really busy with school deadlines.

The rest of my goals:

  • Wednesday: Run 10 miles (make-up)
  • Thursday: Cross-train
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Run 8 miles
  • Sunday: Rest
  • Monday: Cross-train
  • Tuesday: Run 3 miles.
  • Wednesday: Run 4 miles.
  • Thursday: Ran 2 miles.
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: RACE! (26 some odd miles)

Here is one high-carb solution for those of us sick of spaghetti:
(Asparagus stir-fry. Yum! Yum!)

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