Go Cougars!

Yesterday I finished my run–14 miles in about 2:15. That’s pretty slow, but I took it at that pace because I wanted to be sure to finish it. Actually, I got a little over-anxious in the blistering heat (since I ran from 9:15-11:30), so I started to pick up the pace. Then, I just about collapsed 1 mile from my goal on the largest hill of the run, so I had to walk the last mile. Then, also, since I modified my route (I added a leg to get some water from my house), I had to walk an extra two miles or so to get hom– making for maybe 16 miles in all. My legs killed and I have the biggest blisters on my feet.

I got home to a BBQ and literally drank 20 glasses of tang. Then, when the BBQ was over Jessica called and said she had tickets with great seats for the Cougar game. All my time here at BYU and I still hadn’t gone to see a cougar football game yet, so I had to go even though my legs hurt and I felt a little sick.

But I’m so glad I went! We had this awesome view. (Pictures at left taken from our seats). Then, since the Cougars knew this was my first time going to see them play, they did awesome. Everyone seemed to be saying that this was the best game they ever saw them play–I have to agree. The last score I heard was 49-17. I’m not going to even try to describe the game, but we were recovering fumbles, making interceptions, completing awesome passes, and getting 40-yard runs all the way to the end-zone.

It started to rain pretty heavy, so they paused the game.

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  1. lisapow says:

    Awwww…..cute pictures. They beat the pictures I have on my blog 😉

  2. Justin says:

    they “paused” the football game??? you’ve been playing too much nintendo….

  3. Ryan says:

    lol Justin. Lisa, I think your Blog pictures are great.

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