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Don’t ever let yourself get off track for a marathon training–especially not this late in the game. I’m running the St George with my sister on October 7th. (See her blog here.) I started having some serious low back pain over the summer working my first office job as an intern for a statistical analysis company in Wyoming. I kept up on my running, but after my legs starting going numb for large parts of the day, I decided I better ease up a little. After about a week of rest, I caught a really bad cough, and that set me off for two more weeks.

Finally, my back feels ok, and I’m over my cold, so I’m trying to get back in shape for the marathon on October 7th. (Yeah that’s 28 days, 16 hours, 26 minutes from now). Here’s how this week has gone so far in terms of (goals) and what I’ve done.

  • Sunday: (Rest) Did it!
  • Monday: (Cross-training) I walked around campus a lot…
  • Tuesday: (5 Mile run) I ran 5 miles around Provo. I didn’t eat right, but I just kept running anyway. Also, I didn’t plan my route very well, so I kept hitting red lights, and never got into a very good rythm.
  • Wednesday: (9 Mile run) I ran 8 miles. I got lost from the route I planned. I don’t have cool sneakers that tell me how far I’ve run. Also, my legs were pretty sore when I started.
  • Thursday: (5 Mile run). I walked to campus and back. Holy cow my legs were sore!
  • Friday: (Rest). Did it!
  • Saturday: (14 Mile run). This I’m doing tomorrow morning, before it gets too hot!

Honestly, this marathon is creeping up wicked fast. I’m sure there are some who would doubt this is even possible, and maybe it really would be smart to set this one aside and retrain for next year, but I’m stupidly ignorant about marathons and their required preparation. So I’m just going to run as close to the schedule that I’m supposed to be on, and hope its enough. Physically, I have a long ways to go, but mentally, I’m as stubbornly determined to successfully completing this marathon as the day I started–if not more-so. Wednesday when I ran that 8 miles, I was totally out of shape to do it. Really, I’m not totally over my cold. Really, the air is a lot thinner here in Provo than it was in Wyoming. Really, my legs hurt badly each pounding step. Getting utterly lost and not knowing how far I was running until I got home and calculated it out was also discouraging. It was especially discouraging when I found out it was 8 miles and not 10. But running is ridiculously simple: I just keep putting one foot in front of the other at a pace that doesn’t quite make me throw up.

Yesterday my hair was looking especially good, so I took a picture:

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  1. JessOlsen84 says:

    Hey Ryan! You hair does look quite incredible in this picture. But your hair isn’t the first thing i noticed . . . has anyone ever told you you have nice lips? If not, i’m telling you now, lol. Your blog is pretty cool, keep posting! Cya soon!Jess

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