Heading West(er)

I promised myself I’d take pictures of everything interesting I passed on my drive out west, which I did, but most of them were blurry. I was also unable to to get any pictures of the faces of the frustrated drivers which were annoyed with me driving 20 mph so I could get the perfect picture. (If you saw the way most photos turned out you would know I was plenty-well distracted by the road.) I think if I were to turn around and snap a photo of the people in my mirror then I really would have been as dangerous of a driver as their facial expressions and obscene gestures connotated.

This is my one spoil from the dangerous and probably illegal effort to one-handedly preserve the scenery for future enjoyment. It was impossible to enjoy then because the people honking their horns were ruining the moment. But now I’m satisfied. Posted by Picasa

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