Back to Provo

I’m back in Provo. It’s good to be back where there is scenery… of all sorts. I’m all moved in and stuff (photos below). Classes seem interesting–especially Dr. Lambson’s.

Here’s my room after getting it decorated all Japanese-like. You can see I was working on the previous blog when I took this picture. The powerade is for when I finish my runs. It’s empty because I ran 5 miles yesterday. That was long enough because Provo doesn’t have any noticeable amount of breatheable air. Today I will set a world record if I successfully run nine miles without taking a breath.

Here’s an outside shot of the house we moved into. We live in the “lair” beneath the first level. With some very short windows placed near the ceiling being our only port-holes to the outside world, our basement features an unholy level of seclusion. As Mark said, “If I were to whip up a batch of fornication, this would be the first ingredient.” I’ll take a picture when we get all the junk moved out.
Here I am with Mother. The way the picture is marginal blurry perplexes me. I can’t figure out if the picture is blurry from the camera or if we just have blurry faces in real life. Posted by Picasa

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