Carl and I after FHE. Carl joined the church a little over a year ago and he is one of the strongest members in our branch. At first I thought he was pretty strange, and he probably is a little odd, but we’re pretty good friends now. He works for Little America. He pretends to be apathetic about everything, and kind of reminds me of 加藤兄弟. Both of them remind me of Eor from Winnie the Pooh, except not quite so depressed.
This is Josh (left) and Justin (right).

Josh recently started coming back to Church and is very humble and open. He’s a good example to me because he is always dependable.

Justin is also really awesome. He has been in the military for the past four years, and is finally getting released. He’s happy to be out soon, but it seems like he’s still trying to figure out what he wants to do now once he is out. For some reason, Justin really looks up to me. I think I remind him of an old friend.
This is Elder Plum. He’s been a really fun outgoing Elder, and now he’s going back home to California. He’ll be at BYU this fall, so it will be cool if we can meet up there.
This is Sara. Sara is definitely very unique, and has an interesting sense of humor. Sometimes it seems like we are getting along, sometimes not. But I think we’re friends? Posted by Picasa

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