Well things are coming to a close here in good ol’ Cheyenne, WY. I only have two more weeks left. I think they will fly by because I have so many things to do still. They are keeping me really busy at work because they need me to finish this paper about prescription medications. I have it all in my head–I just need to put it into words. Though there may yet be too few entries to tell, I’m not that good at writing things out. Or maybe it’s already obvious. Anyway, it seems like this paper is taking forever.

Last week I took a day off and went hiking, so I’ve had a chance to reflect. It’s been really interesting here and I’ve had a ton of experiences. I didn’t really think I’d learn to appreciate Wyoming because I’ve always thought of it as a barren land of wannabe cowboys. I guess I wasn’t totally off, but the people have been really kind, and some part of Wyoming aren’t barren. I imagine it will feel a little different next time I trudge through Wyoming on my long trips between Utah and Minnesota. My favorite part of Wyoming is the Snowy Mountain Range, just north of Laramie which is absolutely beautiful. I wish I took my camera with me but it hadn’t come in the mail yet! (no thanks to the seller on e-bay who took four days to put it in the mail). There are sweeping hillsides covered in a homogenous spread of tall skinny pine trees. It was a bright clear day and the colors were incredible. It is amazing how far you can see here. Also, the trail we hiked wound around a glacial stream called Libby Creek which was full of beautiful jagged rocks. We thought we heard a waterfall, but we never found it. Somehow, being out in the open landscape had a healing effect on me, and though the paper I’ve been writing was getting monotonous, work seems interesting to me again and it’s easier to focus. Interesting how witnessing a small piece of God’s masterful creations can inspire us to create, too…

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